A Blog about Montreal Bagels

Yes, but not the typical travel blog about how you must eat a bagel if you go to Montreal… and why.

But a personal story to MY experience visiting Montreal and feeling this pull to go eat a bagel AND find out why? Because in all truth, I didn’t know what the hype was. So, first let’s go back into the story of WHY you’ve gotta eat a bagel when in Montreal – AKA – what I didn’t know…

Eastern Europeans who settled in Montréal brought their culinary customs, the biggest contribution to the city’s gastronomic identity, one being bagels. The bagel was brought to North America by Jewish immigrants from Poland and other Eastern European countries.”
Source: https://www.mtl.org/en/experience/the-famous-montreal-bagel

I asked a few people for recommendations and was told to check out Fairmount Bagels. I generally don’t always take the first pick but when I checked them out online, I loved that this company states to be first bagel bakery in Montreal. Clearly my next look was are they vegan?
Looking at the history of their bagels I learnt the Multi-Grain option had no eggs, and 100% organic whole wheat flour… that was enough evidence for me.

Anyways, getting to the point – I bought my bagel, had them toast it warm and went on my way with a bad ass smile on my face, but why?

The truth is I feared them for years and knew bagels were probably something I’d never eat again because the dark voices in my head that always came from the eating disorder monsters knew they were full of carbs and would “cause weight gain.” I remember seeing an old friend from cheer post her breakfast and it was a bagel (I think with some cereal too) and instantly was like… heck no… BUT on the flip-side nearly felt envious because it’s something I could never do.

The big moment for me right now, is that I remember telling myself, the day I eat a bagel will be the day I’m recovered from this disorder. And despite the moments I do struggle with my body in the mirror sometimes, and the reality that you’ll never know when that day comes.. because it just comes…. I think this was a sign that I’m a lot more recovered than I give myself credit for.

So, all of this to say, FUCK YAH I ATE A BAGEL!
& It was delicious, so if you’re ever in the Montreal area… go HERE to Fairmount Bagels and get a toasted Multiple Grain Bagel… & know that you too, are a fucking bad ass!!

Sending you a billon blessings,
Love, Cassandra, Tucker…. & Oliver-Boots

ps. my finger got attacked by a Chihuahua a few days before I left.

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  1. Thank you for the kind words about our bakery. It was lovely to read the story behind your experience.

    -The Fairmount team

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