Welcome to my Written Words

Having this inner knowing that I was meant for more, meant to do more with the endless words I would write in my journals. My Blog is just that, a place to share my experiences & those a-ha moments!
Leave a comment, let me know what you take away ✨

Life’s Journey Blogs

If you were to ask me back in 2019 if I’d have my own website portfolio, live in a van & have a podcast – I wouldn’t have believed it. But here we are, I started on this path of committed self discovery, without challenge there is no growth.

This portion of my Blog is all about those moments, in LIFE! Life on the Road, life through spiritual healing & sharing a little bit more about the experiences
[back then] that lead me to who I am today. I’ve began to embark on a serious journey of self awareness & i’m taking you with me.

Come Along.

Travel Blogs

This world is a beautiful place & it’s my desirable mission to capture it!
[Whatever that means; I’m here for it]
Here… is life on the road, these are the places I’ve gone & this is what happened!
Learning how to navigate the world, one mile at a time.

VanLife – Blogs

Where I share absolutely everything & anything that comes with living in a tiny home, on wheels, in a box. This dream i’ve had – I thought would remain a dream, became a reality.
I’m beyond excited to share this with you!

From the planning process.
The mistakes along the way.
The Journey to get here.
The journey, that is already happening…
Come Along