Introducing, VanLife Academy!! Dreams into Reality!

Hello, my Beautiful Friends!!


This is a life-changing resource tool for all my friends who want to get out on the road like me; one I seriously wish I had at my beginning stages! Haha

When I finally made the choice to follow my dreams, get a van, buy a van, build out a van – ultimately live on the road, I did SO much research! I spent endless sleepless nights with a journal researching every aspect to consider right from the beginning stages of living on the road. I broke it down into categories… eg. water system, electrical system, the layout of the build, and power system… you get it. 

Once I had decided to buy a van and build it myself (or have friends help me build it) vs buying something already put together I then needed to decide which make and model of a Van I wanted. I couldn’t find any reliable information that gave me specific detailed information on what a build even looked like – more importantly, how much it would cost, I really wanted to have an idea of the cost to better put this into a reality, and no longer an impossible dream.

I always knew I wanted to have my own website portfolio and it was something already in the works for my creative business, but when I was deep in the research of Vanlife I knew I wanted to also share my build process/aspects with the mindset of doing the research for you so you don’t have too. Especially because I couldn’t find this information when I needed it, it was like nobody wanted to share their nitty gritty! 

I’ve been on the road for over a year and still to this day, I will say, I did a lot of research however, knowing what I know now – I didn’t do nearly as much as I could have to save myself from replacing things nearly 3 months into living on the road!  BUT live & learn right!

Nonetheless, I am SO excited to share this incredible program with you because it doesn’t get any more detailed than this!! Thank you SO much Project Vanlife for putting together this Van Life Academy Program that literally gives you EVERYTHING you need to know!!

When you enroll in Van Life Academy, you’ll get 50% OFF and access to:

Van Life Academy which is made up of 6 sections consisting of 100,000+ words, 300+ photos/illustrations/diagrams, 4 different conversion tutorials, and 40+ videos to accelerate your journey of life on the road

– Free lifetime updates as we continue to improve the academy and add brand new features and conversions to it.

Bonus #1: 5 different van conversions put together by expert van builders that you can follow along step by step as if our teachers were beside you guiding your every move.

Bonus #2: Access to “How These 24 Nomads Make Money While Living ON THE ROAD!” The ebook will help you advance on your journey to financial freedom on the road.

Bonus #3: Receive an exclusive badge & title which will show other users that you went through this course. This will immediately provide you with more authority and trust within our community forums.

LET ME BE YOUR SAVING GRACE, YOUR SIGN FROM THE UNIVERSE to Enrol in Van Life Academy today, and get 50% OFF! Simply follow THIS LINK & get this dream into a reality, I cannot wait to see you out there AND meet up with you on the other side!!

Ps. Check out THIS VIDEO if you need a clearer sign THIS Academy program was made for you!

Many Blessings;

Cassandra… & Tucker!

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