It’s been over 100 days, my Solo Road.

It’s been officially over 100 Days on the road as a Solo VanLife Queen.. lol JK… Well it has been over 100 days!! YAY.

Every time I’ve sat to write this I don’t know where to start. Living on the road has been exactly how I didn’t expect it to be haha! In my mind I had prepared for it to be 80% in nature, with service, working, praying that it’s safe and that I find myself again, like my soul’s path.

In reality, through my experience anyways, it’s been more like 80% at Walmart/Truck stops and THAT’s where you find service/Wifi – I can say though, I have felt incredibly safe!!

Before I left on the road I was both optimistic AND full of what if’s (fear based) what if something happens to me?”, “what if something happens to my family while i’m gone?”

I remember the day before leaving I was starting to doubt my choice of going, I never expected to feel so NOT excited, I suddenly started to feel naive to this idea of living on the road and driving across the country – 

Did I think of everything I needed to before making this decision?
What if this is actually a terrible idea?
What if this really isn’t safe?
What if someone is stalking me?
What if I get too scared and at that point too far away?

First off I would like to state none of my what if fears came to life – this blog is more or less what I learnt on the road thus far and absolutely going to be all over the place and in no particular order.

After my first Month, I started to feel less worried about where I was sleeping that night and actually loved staying at Truck stops and walmarts! The Van really started to feel like home.

I was more excited, empowered, motivated on so many levels and as I set out across the country I got to see family I hadn’t seen for over 20 years! In the first month, I also turned 30!!

So funny, for as long as I can remember I knew on my 30th Birthday I would be in Las Vegas, living my best life but instead I spent it with one of my longest friends, in my Van and it was PERFECT!! 

Over 3 months on the road, I really started to learn more about healthy boundaries, being that I have family literally across the country, everyone wanted to see me and I was almost drowning in trying to people everything (see everyone) until I had to respect myself and put up those healthy boundaries and begin to stop telling people that I’d be in the area and feel it out as I go!

If that makes sense.

I also started to realize how important it is to only keep the good, joy-filled things in your life!

I came to see on a soulful level what no longer served its purpose anymore or what was needing to change in my life. This was huge and as I type this things are shifting for me on such a beautiful level and I’m stepping more into who and what I am meant for! What my talents are meant for!

I think I was around Quebec or just entering into the Maritimes when my gym back at home became less and less, the need for the gym in my life is a priority so I ended up switching gyms that better fit this lifestyle across Canada! I’m starting to also recognize how much different living on the road solo is vs being with a friend or partner, I love my space but at times when I was adventuring I remember thinking how cool this should be to share with another human. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful Tucker is basically a human in responsiveness so I’m not totally having conversations by myself haha.

I learnt that I don’t enjoy large city driving (although I don’t know a single person living on the road that does lol) I had to drive through downtown Toronto and it truly tested all my patience.

Driving through Quebec was another wild experience not speaking a lick of French, you had to pay attention to verbage on signs to ensure they match your GPS. 

At this point in writing, It’s been over 100 days and I’m in the Eastern Maritimes! My truest happy spot! I AM LOVING IT! I think I could move here. I learnt I love the ocean more than the Mountains and people are so much kinder! (well not all of them, I had a rude encounter in Moncton)

I absolutely love my home space, I’ve learnt what I would change with my build for the next one (stay tuned for podcast on that) and I definitely need to get things fixed! Haha.

I have reaffirmed my true calling as a creative, my business and my career and this is truly the beginning of a beautiful shift in my life! What once felt scary actually feels more free and that’s when you know it’s being accepted and more meant for you!

This is where I’m at! 

I’ve officially been on the road for over 100 days and already (technically) driving across the country, but have so much more to see and do!

From the bottom of my heart, to those of you who’ve watched my youtube channel so closely and always been here THANK YOU! So much! I cannot put it into words just how much that means to me!

Sending you so Many Blessings,

Cassandra.. & Tucker

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