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My First 2 Weeks living on the Road.

I knew I was going to share my experiences of my first two weeks on the road, but if you’d asked me if I’d be snuggled in a king sized bed at a nice hotel while doing so, I would’ve never believed you… & yet here we are. 

So let me tell you my honest thoughts, feelings & experiences of my first two weeks, as a full time AND solo, Van living Gal on the road – not just for you, but for me to look back and see what I’ll say 2 months, or 2 years from now.

When I left March 31st, I felt like my head was in the clouds, though still so excited, a little nervous & slightly sad –  having to say see you soon to my family was tough and I was nervous to be going so far away. 

Thankfully, my first week was all with family, family I hadn’t seen for over 10 years but still people I’d want to see and keep in touch with! Being with family made the experience safe, comfortable and a little uncomfortable at times. It made me realize two things… 

1) I am definitely related to these people

2) I don’t fit in the same energy field as others, and that’s totally okay!! 

My family is amazing and means everything to me AND everyone I visited lived on an acreage! My Fav.

I created new memories doing new things, like flippin’ at trampoline parks, stunted with some of my most amazing friends and made friends with cows either on the acreage or in the middle of the road. As much as I loved visiting family, I was missing my own company.. It was time I moved on.

Finally headed into Ontario, slightly nervous but instantly excited that I just drove to friggin Ontario!! Things took a turn, I was provided with the news that one of my family members (that I had gone to visit) had just lost their house in a fire… it hit me hard, being that i was literally just there sleeping in their home.

A couple days later, I was to continue on driving along Lake Superior in what would’ve been my next stop with my best friend, until I was notified that a snowfall/windstorm of the decade was about to hit exactly where I was driving. In addition, there was an alarming no travel advisory sent out along with recommendations to stock up on supplies as the potential damage would be bad. 

In a panic, I called my family I knew were truck drivers and familiar with most of Ontario to figure out what my next move should be (& other family to bring my panic back down to calm). Next thing I knew I was driving 12 hours as far away from the water as possible, which took me into the bushes where I called Kapuskasing home

Oh & I forgot to mention that I had not even a clue what my next move was. Tucker had gone pee in the snow and that’s when I realized he had blood in his urine… So while the family was most concerned about my well being, I was most concerned about Tuckers. Thankfully for my best friend back at home, listening to me sob on the phone, she found me the best rated vet in the next major town so that’s where I was headed and they kindly accepted Tucker as a patient.  – Some antibiotics later, he’s good 🙂 

After Tucker’s scare and me having to drive 12 hours (of which I cried the entire time) my family suggested I get a hotel room to just chill – & so I did. Overall, the experience HAS been what I wanted it to be when visiting family BUT it has not been what I had dreamed of as far as being the free spirit I am in the Van. Navigating sleep spots is nerve racking, not wanting to be seen is nerve racking, being seen is nerve racking.  Things take 5 times longer than being in a steady home. The list goes on… BUT I can say living in a Van in the summer is 10/10 better and much more preferred than the cold weather.

All that being said, my closing thoughts for being exactly two weeks is that time flies!

I’m still learning everything, everyday.

I’m still figuring out a routine I like.

I’ve already realized what my career’s destiny is.

And my biggest lesson so far is to trust in God, trust in humanity, lean into the reality that everything is happening for you, not against you annnnnnd enjoy the time with family.

I truly wouldn’t change a damn thing knowing all my expriences are exactly how they’re suppose to be.

Many Blessing, 

Cassandra…. & Tucker Bear.

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