My Journey To VanLife

I think it’s safe to say most people I know enjoy travelling, whether it’s for the All-Inclusives or the World’s History – in some form we enjoy travelling. Growing up I moved around a few 4 times, I was able to see a glimpse of Eastern and Western Canada but it wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that I picked up my life and moved from the East to the West, the colder part of Canada in Alberta. Once I graduated college, I packed my belongings into my Saturn Vue and drove stateside to where I would call home for many years. During this time I was a full-time competitive, very passionate Cheerleader, I ate, slept and breathed the sport! It was because of that sport I was able to travel yearly to Sunny Florida, went to California, Las Vegas etc.

Despite how far around the world I’ve been, I’ve always loved to travel but more so loved to be lost within Mother Nature. I went on my first Mediterranean cruise and was able to see more, I completely fell in love with the beauty this world had to offer! After my Cruise I went to Europe the next two summers and took many day trips and overnight stays in my Jeep Cherokee to the Mountains living in Alberta.

So how did VanLife happen?!

Truth is, working from home, on my own schedule for a Business I love, alongside passionately involved in my creative talents and having the ability to share my experiences in life has always been in the back of my mind. I’m my happiest, highest self when in Nature of any kind so travel was huge for me, but for 8 years while in a relationship that dream was never an option anymore because I was walking a different path – Engagement, marriage, house, family etc.

Everything changed in February 2020 when I listened to my intuition and left my relationship that truly wasn’t meant for me – I mean my entire life changed.

Now on a path of my own, I had a lot of healing to do emotionally, physically, mentally & spiritually. My whiteboard was clear and I remember sitting with myself asking what now? I can finally do the things I’ve always wanted to, travel here, do this, do that, move out of the city I was in  – it didn’t resonate with me. I took many trips to the mountains and surrounding areas that summer with Tucker and friends, exploring my creativity and increasing my passion for Photography and Videography, all while continuing to work. Everything in my heart and soul knew this was what I wanted to do!

I have always known VanLife was a thing and although my mom’s Jeep Cherokee fit me perfectly, there are some things a true VanBuild could provide that the Jeep couldn’t and it would be much more convenient haha. I set myself a goal mentally, to work my butt off, save everything I can and trust the Universe will bring THAT van into my reality. Trusting the Universe is a must but I soon learnt you also have to take initiative, by this time I was working 3 jobs, over 200 hours a month to earn and save as much as possible. When one door closes another door opens and the most amazing human walked into my life and was a Fire Go Getter, with the purest heart and guidance of another I laid out my monthly income, was given a strict budget plan for 6 months and lived within 4 mason jars of spendings for each month to bank X dollars into my Savings.

In the beginning I planned to buy a Van already converted, I thought buying one completed was one payment AND I didn’t have anyone to build a Van for me. After many hours of research, I realized it was easier to find the Van not converted and would in the end save me money to convert it myself. Once I put into the Universe I was building my own, everything honestly happened so fast – I knew someone who knew everyone, who knew somebody else and in a matter of a few phone calls and a couple of Facebook posts I had someone searching for the exact Van I wanted and I had not one but two people to convert my Van and bring my dreams to reality!

This was only the beginning of the next 7 months of tight budgets,re-working budgets, build planning/sketching and getting to work to make my Home On Wheels not a dream but a reality!!

All I can say is THANK YOU for being here and I hope you stay awhile! 🙂 

Many Blessings;

Her Creative Freedom

Cassandra Rae



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