To the one since 2015…

* Disclaimer * 
Yes, this is a Cheesy Ass Appreciation Post!!

To the one who knew since 2015 before anyone else did.
To the one who knew we weren’t ready.
To the one who knew it wasn’t our time but allowed us to get to know one another… just enough to know deep in our hearts.
To the one who guided us through our own personal storms; knowing it would build us to higher levels.
To the man who was in control the whole time, to bring us back together again without us even knowing it was meant to be all along.

Dear God, every day I am grateful for your work in our lives to bring us back together after 7 years of going our own way, separately. Living two different lives, going through very different experiences.. JUST SO in the end we could walk together as one, and one that is closer with you. Dear God, together we honour you and know we are blessed.. 


This is for the boy, since 2015.
This is for the boy who lived a different life than I, which built him to be a man.
This is for the man who waited & waited & waited…
This is for the man who opened his ears to everything I was, I am, & everything I would never welcome into my life, again.
This is for the man who opened his heart & saw me for much higher than I saw myself at times.
This is for the man who never ran even when I tried to push him farther away or tried to run myself.
This is for the man who started to understand the spiritual path I’m on & saw it’s benefit enough to walk with me.
This is for the man who discovered a relationship with God, which allowed him to see his own ways of being that no longer served his highest good. 
This is for the man who faced his darkness, brought light back into his life & completely changed his ways.
This is for the man who changed. Period. For the better, to mold a life with me.
This is for the man who too, knew this connection was purely divine just as much as I knew he was my soulmate.


To the man who never ran when I shared my goals and dreams, who knew my absolute darkest moments in life, without judgement or making me feel less than. You helped me turn what was only a dream at one point into reality, supporting me knowing we only had less than two years to make memories together until we would be thousands of miles apart. 

You make me feel like the Queen I am every single day, and remind me of my greatness. You show me the benefit of change, even when it scares the shit out of me. You allow me to live my life, doing the things that I need to do in my human experience, while living your own, building our foundation, the future we speak of all the time. You understand the importance of my Taurus independence and the importance of doing your own self development. You strive to be a better you, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially etc. 

Every morning I wake up so damn speechless to the one I get to call my soulmate. Knowing my search is over for my forever life partner, because this feels so perfect in all its imperfections. This is simply a reflection of my gratitude and the blessing God has given me by having you walk with me in this lifetime.

I am so beyond proud of the man you’ve become, for choosing to walk with me, the lord and continue to grow spiritually in all ways. I’ve seen your darkness surface, and I’ve witnessed you shed off layers and I pray you know how grateful I am but also how beneficial it’s been for you to choose this path.

You are a pure man. My kind of King.

Thank you for choosing me every day, even on the days I find it hard to choose myself.
Thank you for all the endless hours of work you do to build a foundation for our family & all that we want to have in it. Thank you for allowing me to travel this country while also knowing the importance of our connection.  Thank you for showing up every Sunday with an open heart.

I love you beyond the meaning of what love is. 
& my gratitude is nothing I can put into words.

ily. Steven Roy. 

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