Van Build Mistakes

What I can say is, there will always be something you may not regret but something you would have changed or reconsidered during the planning process. No matter how much you plan there will always be something, here are things I wish I could change or reconsider –

I wouldn’t say these are complete mistakes, more or less things I would consider in the future to change if I ever were to build another Van or recommend it to others. 
With the mindset that I’d be living in my Van full time, I knew I wanted a fridge and freezer for both mine and my dog’s food. What I’d do differently is not change the fridge but prepare before the build process, of where it would go in the Van and how I want to access it. However, for anyone who doesn’t have a dog that eats raw patties or won’t be living in it full time, I would absolutely recommend a smaller one like this!!

Although I absolutely love the interior layout of my home, because it feels like home. When I changed my mind from the dinette to the fixed bed layout, I never considered where anyone I travel with or who may visit me will sit and eat.

I don’t have a designated table to eat at, maybe not a huge deal as I will eat in my bed or at the pull-out table in the back but if there are more than 4 people with me, we may have to get creative. So I highly recommend considering a dinette table for guests!

There have been times where I just said I’ll figure it out, but seriously please take the extra time to consider where everything will go!! I highly recommend this toilet, but when I changed my Van build to be a fixed bed and to put my sink by my sliding side door, I lost space of where my Porta Potti was supposed to go. So now, it’s stored under my bed which eventually will get annoying to take in and out.

Finally, my induction stove. Don’t get me wrong, I made this work and from what I know not many people use this method of cooking anymore but I wasn’t comfortable starting out with Propane. My original thought was to build my cooktop right into the counter (& I have seen this done before) however, the manufacturer strongly recommended I don’t cover the back where the hardware is as it needs room to breathe. So we built it on top and I’m happy with it 🙂 But I would perhaps consider either propane or building the induction stovetop in the counter specifically leaving enough room for the back/bottom to breathe 🙂

Being at the beginning phases of my adventures and full-time life on the road, these are the things I’ve quickly realized only in the build process!! Stay tuned for more of what I’m sure I’ll learn after 2 years. Ha-ha!!


Cassandra Rae, xo 

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