VanLife Essentials

These are some essential items I personally would recommend having in your Van when you are in the process of building and living on the road full time!! 🙂

Window Covers (for windows visible to your living space)

Car Battery Booster – I cannot tell you how many times this has come in handy with my previous vehicles, not to mention others whom I noticed needed a boost! I was able to come to the rescue 🙂 Worth the purchase!
** Update on this if you own a Ford Transit 2020, the cables that come with this Booster will not reach positive & Negative ** – Learnt the hard way 🙊

Check out this video to be shown HOW to boost your transit!

Heater – More importantly if you live in a much colder climate. Click here to learn more and why I chose the one I have in my Van!

Fridge – Much needed if you plan to live full time or even go on trips over a long weekend or more! Click here to see which one I have and which ones I highly recommend! 

Flashlight – Self explanatory? Maybe. But it’s those little things you accidentally forget to bring and more than one of them! Highly recommend getting yourself the best quality flashlight!

Safety – SO important whether you are traveling alone or with another! Always having some Self protection on board, you never know what will come your way when you are out and about! I recommend having on board anything that you’re comfortable using if any emergencies were to happen, know where they are and keep them to yourself 🙂 

 iBuddy Dog Seat Belt – Because safety for your copilot is just as important as yours [if not more in my eyes]. This pack of two is perfect for traveling any distance and can be adjusted for your tops size! Highly recommend attaching it to a harness not a collar around the neck.

Portable Charger Recommend having one of these more so if you are not in your Van, maybe you are hiking? There have been many times where I’ve reached the end of a Submit and my phone is at 3%! Which can be scary if you don’t 100% know how to find your Vehicle you came in! Haha

Tire Traction Boards – Another recommendation if you live in a colder, wintery climate OR if you plan to travel where there is a lot of Mud/Sand! I have seen these work in all different scenarios!

Find My Friends Phone App – This was/is an essential for me so a few loved ones can keep an eye on my location whenever they wish! It’s important you have one or two (or three) people knowing where you are at all times! 🙂

Camera – To Capture all the beauty you are about to embark! And if you’re looking for a lens that will last FOREVER, click here.


Many Blessings, 

Cassandra, xo

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