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VanLife in the Alberta Desert | Dinosaur Provincial Park & Drumheller

Who doesn’t love Desert Vibes!?

Both Dinosaur Provincial Park and Drumheller will give you these vibes and also two of my Favorite places in Alberta. Many people get them confused to being the same place or close to one another but in fact they are very different and 1 hr 43 min away from each other (164km).

I’ve been to both areas in Alberta many times and through this post I hope it encourages you to take a mini road trip and explore the Badlands of Alberta!

Dinosaur Provincial Park, AB 

Before I get into the landscape and trails, a little fun fact about this Park is there are over 50 dinosaur species that have been found here, joining a list of another 450 fossil organisms. These ancient remains give us the world’s most complete record of the late Cretaceous Period. Dinosaur Provincial Park has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site


However, my favorite part is easily the landscape, trails, wildlife and feeling as though you are no longer in Alberta (nothing wrong with Alberta, but it’s just cool).

HERE is a brochure, a map to the park to show you what is around the area!

Below are a few photos taken when I had went on a hike with one of my best friends, of both locations and below is a mini Vlog when I had taken the Van – although incredibly windy that day it was the sunset and sunrise that I loved this particular summer and I CANNOT WAIT to take the Van back here THIS year! (2023).

Drumheller, AB

The Badlands of Alberta, when I first heard this.. I was like, what is that place.. I must go!

Have you ever experienced a road trip where you go down a big hill just to come up on the other side to a whole new landscape that immediately changes, so much so it almost feels like you’re no longer in the same province? That’s what it’s like driving to Drumheller & I FREAKIN’ LOVE IT!

Fun fact about Drumheller; Being the Dinosaur Capital of the World, Drumheller offers visitors the world-class Royal Tyrrell Museum which takes visitors into the not-so-distant past when dinosaurs roamed the earth. It houses the world’s largest displays of dinosaurs and Canada’s only museum dedicated exclusively to palaeontology.

There is actually so much to do around here & if you haven’t been you MUST GO! I PROMISE you’ll not regret it! Below are all the things I highly recommend doing!

  • Hike up the hoodoo’s.
  • Visit Horseshoe Canyon.
  • Visit HorseThief Canyon.
  • Visit the ghost town Wayne.
  • Walk across the Star Mine Suspension Bridge
  • Explore the Atlas Coal Mine (National Historic site)
  • Visit the World’s Largest Dinosaur

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